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Mirrabooka Community choir

Mirrabooka Community Choir welcomes everyone to create a happier, healthier community through song. We enjoy a strong membership of diverse community members.



Every Thursday, from 5.30pm to 6.30pm.

30 Chesterfield Rd Mirrabooka WA.

Why a choir?

Neuroscience proves that singing connects the neural pathways in the brain differently and releases endorphins, making people happier, healthier, smarter and more creative. From this position, people are more capable of asking for, receiving and giving help. This is why we believe that singing open the doors to strengthen the community: improve wellbeing and change the world, one voice at a time!

Who can participate?

The Mirrabooka Community Choir is an all-inclusive community choir. People from all faiths, cultures, ages, abilities, backgrounds and socio-economic situations are welcome to participate.

The Mirrabooka Community Choir is led by professional conductor Cam Vanreik. We meet weekly at Sudbury Community House on Thursday from  5.30pm to 6.30pm followed by supper.


In addition to singing and eating together, the choirs also include an innovative Wish List program where choir members request, and grant wishes to one another. Wishes can be anything that a choir member needs or has to offer,  such as a free music lesson, assistance with learning a new language, writing a CV, finding a job, helping with moving to a new house, or computer tuition.


Come along and meet the members of the choir and maybe you can help us grant some wishes in our collective community as we join together in a song. 



M: 0417 927 792

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