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Our Programs

We have a variety of services and programmes on offer at Sudbury House.
If you are part of a community group or have an idea for one please contact us on 9344 8011 to discuss your ideas.

empowering communities program (ecp)

The Sudbury House Empowering Communities Program (ECP) runs a range of activities that aims to enhance the visibility of community partner organisations, support and promote small emerging groups through Sudbury House's established networks and enhancing the skills of the community members. 

Some of the activities of the program include:

- Outreach Node

- Incubator for Emerging Groups

- Annual Community Co-Design Workshop

- Skills Forum

- Enriching Local Communities


The SCEH has recently secured a Good Things Foundation grant which provides the resources for community members who are over 50 years old to access 2 hours of free tuition in Technology Literacy. This has been a highly successful program with community members who are excited to continue building upon their confidence and skills.

The SCEH was launched on 15th July with Janine Freeman MLA Member for Mirrabooka Australian Labor Party and has already attracted many community members to our centre to begin acquiring or build upon their computer skills.   


English Conversation Classes (with Creche) for women only

Mondays (school term) 9.00 am –12.00 noon

The English Conversation Group is a place where women of all cultures come together in friendship to experience English in Australia. They have been working on building their vocabulary and practicing their speaking skills using themes such as shopping, music, movies, family, interests, and other areas of interest to the group. 


With One Voice Mirrabooka is an all-inclusive community choir. People from all faiths, cultures, ages, abilities, backgrounds and socio-economic situations are welcome to participate.

With One Voice choirs are led by professional conductors and meet weekly, followed by supper. In addition to singing and eating together, the choirs also include an innovative Wish List program where choir members request, and grant wishes to one another.

Swinburne University research showed that 98% of With One Voice participants experienced less stress, 91% reported improved social bonds and 66% felt less depressed. 


Wednesdays 10.00 am -12.00 pm

This group focuses on a positive lifestyle for men and women. We emphasise relaxation, socialisation, support, and fun in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, striving to gain enjoyment, promoting wellness, self-esteem, and a positive future.

Activities include craft, cooking, guest speakers, motivational workshops, and games to suit the interests of the group.


Sudbury Community House volunteering gives you the opportunity to become an active member of the Mirrabooka community, while helping others and yourself. Our volunteers support our organisations and the community through a variety of roles and activities.

Family Foundations

The Family Foundations program provides safe, structured, and supportive environment for vulnerable families with children who may be at risk of homelessness. Through a small, dedicated team of staff and volunteers, the program provides meals, material assistance, psychological and emotional support, referral, education assistance, advice and information.