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Our Programs

We have a variety of services and programs on offer at Sudbury Community House.  If you want to join one of our community groups or have an idea for a new community group, please contact us on 9344 8011 to discuss your ideas.

empowering communities program (ecp)

The aim of the Empowering Communities Program is to support community-led projects that strengthen social connections, build local capacity and resilience, and improve the wellbeing of individuals and communities.


Friendship group

Fridays 10.00 am - 12 pm

This group focuses on a positive lifestyle for all community members. We emphasise socialisation, support, and fun in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, striving to gain employment, promoting wellness, self-esteem, and a positive future.



Project Dignity

Sudbury House initiated Project Dignity in response to escalating financial strain and housing challenges within the community. The success of this initiative was made possible by the dedicated efforts of volunteers and staff, as well as partnerships with organizations.

In 2024, Sudbury House adapted its operations with the launch of Project Dignity To You, focusing on empowering the community by directly supplying essential food resources to Community Groups and agencies. This transformation has allowed Sudbury House to extend its support to 75% more clients, demonstrating its commitment to addressing the evolving needs of the community.

Mirrabooka community choir

The Mirrabooka Community Choir is an all-inclusive choir. People from all faiths, cultures, ages, abilities, backgrounds and socio-economic situations are welcome to participate.

The Mirrabooka Community Choir is led by a professional conductor and meet weekly, followed by supper. In addition to singing and eating together, the choir also includes an innovative Wish List program where choir members request, and grant wishes to one another.


SEEDS is committed to empowering women who have been impacted by family and domestic violence. It seeks to support these women by providing work readiness activities and wellbeing support, with the ultimate goal of helping them achieve financial independence.

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