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empowering communities program (ecp)

Outreach Node  

In collaboration with The Square Mirrabooka, Sudbury Community House will provide a dedicated space at The Square. This will enable our community partner organisations to present a range of activities throughout the year that enhances an increased presence and visibility in the community.

Incubator For Emerging Community Groups

Sudbury Community House will provide a safe and inclusive space for a wide variety of small emerging groups. We will support and promote these groups through our established networks. Our existing groups and services create opportunities for people from all backgrounds to engage, connect and strengthen their networks and skills base.

Annual Community Co-Design Workshop

Sudbury Community House will hold an annual series of workshops to provide the community with an opportunity to share ideas and explore their evolving needs. A select number of key ideas will be developed into programs through facilitated co-design and co-delivery workshops attended by our community partner organisations.

Skills Forum

Sudbury Community House has been managing and delivering community programs for over 30 years, and in that time many existing strengths and assets of community members were identified, including cooking, artwork, craftwork, dance and music. Establishing a community skills register will contribute to building capacity and resilience in our community.

Enriching Local Communities

The programs at Sudbury Community House have identified a lack of opportunities and resources for grass root ideas and projects to be created, implemented and sustained. Sudbury Community House will offer grants to 5 members of the community to assist them in the planning and implementation of their local community project, including mini-workshops and ongoing project mentoring.

ECP1 - Outreach
ECP2 - Incubator
ECP3 - Skills
ECP4 - Workshop
ECP5 - Enriching
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