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empowering communities program (ecp)

Sudbury House is part of the Empowering Communities Program (ECP), which supports community-led projects helping to make communities more connected and build on their unique strengths. We help people to make social connections in their local neighbourhood, improve people's wellbeing, and work with the community of Mirrabooka and surrounds to be resilient and strong on the community's terms.

We do this through a range of activities and programs including Friendship Group, Community Garden and Community Choir. 

Amplifying community voices

Looking to the future we hope to maximise the impact of ECP to meet the changing needs of the community by talking with our community members about how Local/State decisions impact their life and wellbeing, and how Sudbury House services can better meet their needs. We also hope to partner with agencies/leadership bodies to work together in addressing changing community needs and foster current and future working relationships. 

Outcomes of Empowering Communities Program include:

  • Improved social connections and sense of community belonging among participants.

  • Enhanced skills and knowledge among participants.

  • Improved health and wellbeing outcomes for individuals and the community.

  • Increased civic engagement and community participation.

  • Increased economic opportunities and local capacity building.

  • Greater community resilience and ability to cope with challenges and change.

ECP1 - Outreach
ECP2 - Incubator
ECP3 - Skills
ECP4 - Workshop
ECP5 - Enriching
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