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ProJECT Dignity

What We Offer

Open every week (except public holidays).
MONDAYS: Free Laundry for Vulnerable from 11am - 1pm.
MONDAYS: Food Hampers available from 11am-1pm.
MONDAYS: Services Australia Gerneral Enquiries 11am - 12pm.
WEDNESDAYS: Food hampers available from 11am-1pm.
More info and FAQs here, or call us on (08) 9344 8011.

Dignity as a society starts with supporting everyone to have access to basic needs, such as food, water, shelter, healthcare, and education. Sudbury Community House responds to our community members in real time but by working with organisations to alleviate poverty and homelessness, as well as advocating for policies that address inequality and provide support to vulnerable people.

“The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members.”

— Mahatma Gandhi

PROJECT DIGNITY by Sudbury Community House

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Project Dignity by Sudbury has the vision to provide vulnerable members of the community a safe place to shower, wash their clothes and connect with other support services and most importantly, restore dignity in their lives!

We also provide support through a Food Relief Service, help community members to understand what other supports are available, and provide a print Community Services Directory tailored to the needs of people in our community experiencing vulnerability.

We also open our doors every day to many vulnerable members of community, offering a cuppa and a friendly face to talk to.



Our Empowering Communities Program offers an open-door approach to vulnerable members of community so they can visit us for emergency food relief and general assistance. 


From mid-2022 onwards, our data has shown a marked rise in the need for food & emergency relief in Mirrabooka and surrounds, with walk-ins increasing almost six-fold in the eight months to March 2023, to 198 people and their families. 


The observation is that unhoused and insecurely housed feature in these presentations while at the same time there has seen an increase in people and young families feeling the effects of the housing shortage and struggling to meet basic needs.


In August 2023 there were 290 walk-ins for a reach of 1000 individuals approx.

Project Dignity gave out over 2312kg of food.

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