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Family Foundation

The Family Foundations program provides a safe, structured, and supportive environment for vulnerable families with children who may be at risk of homelessness. Through a small, dedicated team of staff and volunteers, the program provides meals, material assistance, psychological and emotional support, referral, education assistance, advice and information.


Programs like Family Foundations are integral to offering mental health support in an informal way. Clients say that Family Foundations offers them respect, empathy and hope, as well as a place to ask for help and to talk about their issues.


“I have so much love and respect for the staff here. If I had not had the support and help of Family Foundations I do not know what would happen to me and my children. Family Foundations has given me a safe place when I was struggling. Help with food, clothes, school items, but most importantly a lifeline during my time of hardship.”


Our Family Foundations staff foster a safe environment that is free of judgement for vulnerable families who require assistance to help build support networks for the families so they can appropriately address adversities occurring in their life.

Please call us on 9344 8011 for more information and referrals to our Family Foundations program.

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